Bespoke custom built bookcases, media & display cabinets

Here are just a few photos images of past completed work, if you click on any image, will then display fully in larger frame.

Should you have a query regarding any of the photo images, please state photo number or description within your email enquiry.

Library bookcase.  Above photos shows a painted bookcase situated within a wall recess of a large sitting room within an Edinburgh Newtown house.

1. Painted bookcase with lower deeper all open shelf units for books & Hi-Fi, this being fitted within an Edinburgh top flat with angle ceilings & walls.

2. Painted bookcase & media unit for television. Placement of electronics beneath in lower cupboards behind glazed mirror doors.

3. Painted bookcase with lower cupboards

4. Pair of painted bookcases with lower cupboards, situated within an Edinburgh West End flat.

5. Above two images shows a painted bookcase.

6. First of a pair of painted bookcases complete with centre display cabinet.

7. Second of a pair of painted bookcases complete with centre display cabinet

8. Painted bookcase.

9. Cherry bookcase and desk fitted within a study.

10. Painted bookcase with glazed doors, and lower drawer unit, fitted within a study.

11. Above shows a painted study bookcase.

12. Painted bookcase around doorway.

13. Painted bookcase & radiator cover (bookcase built over radiator), complete with centre location within bookcase for placement of television.

14. Painted study bookshelves with lower cupboards & overhead lighting.

15. Oak bookcase complete with one centre lower cupboard.

16. Fitted oak bookcase with lower cupboards.

17. Above shows ash bookcases, matching fireplace mantle surround and entrance doors.

18. Free standing ash bookcase.

19. Oak bookcase with centre display cabinet.

20. Oak bookcase/radiator cover.

21. Above shows painted bookcases within a library.

22. Ash bookcases with glazed doors.

23. Traditional style design painted bookcase with overhang lighting.

24. Painted display cabinet with glass shelves & lower cupboard.

25. A pair of painted bookcases with lower cupboards, open bookshelves & centre display cabinets.

26. Oak bookcases, with a combination of deeper lower shelves for records with a drinks cabinet, and remaining unit being an all open bookshelves.

27. Traditional design oak bookcase.

28. Fitted maple bookcase.

29. Above shows fitted beech bookcase.

30. Traditional style oak display cabinet, could also be used as a bookcase.

31. Painted bookcase with lower cupboards, constructed for an Edinburgh New town Georgian property.

32. Above shows a large painted bookcase.

33. Cherry & maple bookcase.

34. Fitted display cabinet & cupboards.

35. Painted bookcase situated within a landing.

36. Dark mahogany bookcase.

37. Above shows painted traditional design room divider two sided wall bookcase, complete with doors (photos showing doors open & closed), and the final photo shows back room music room layout , with additional bookcase with glass fronted door, and open shelving to store CD's & DVD's. More details are given about this project below, there is a feature photo slide of this interesting bookcase project which I undertook for a customer.

38. Painted bookcase with lower cupboards. This was built to incorporate customers ship display cabinets. 

39. Painted bookcase with overhead lighting.

40. Painted bookcase.

41. Painted bookcase.

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Room divider bookcase

This project involved constructing a bookcase on both sides of walls of two rooms, with doors situated in centre of bookcase, which these doors folded back into a neat recessed pocket once fully opened. Also included was fitting detailed soffit recessed panelling above doors.

The client wanted to be able to place books on the sitting room side of bookcase, with the smaller room at back being used as a music room, to store CD's, vinyl records, music/audio visual related items, and also hide away the main Hi-Fi system components from view from the main sitting room area.

To the back of small room, double doors were also constructed to compliment the bookcase, leading to the outside back garden.

This project was constructed using materials suitable for painting, but natural timber finishes could also be used as well.